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The Mad Parrots Ceilidh Band Reviews


                                    "Awesome" - girl at Dundee University gig


                                             "You guys kick ass" - American bloke in the toilets at Inverness


                                             "Can I buy your CD?" - Dutch guy in Inverness who thought we were the Waterboys.


                                             "Why can't you piss off?" - Charlie Dimmock, Dundee Flower Show.


                                             "Gonny dae the Fields of Athenry?" - abody in the Dolphin

Dundee Flower Show

This gig was a major event, probably to be remembered like JFK's assassination. "Where were you when the Mad Parrots did the Flower Show?" will I'm sure become a buzzphrase for future generations.

We headlined the event, following top jazz act and squeegy buyers Four in a Bar. The whole park was just a sea of faces all attuned to the ethereal whistle of Helen Forbes. A major string-breaking event by Kevin Findlay only helped to draw the immense crowd more into the intimate atmosphere that the Parrots created. It was somehow reminiscent of Genesis at Knebworth in '78 but without the shite music.

At a certain point in the evening the park became a forest of waving blue squeegy brushes that the audience had cleverly bought at 2 for a tenner earlier, scarily reminding me of the fag lighters you sometimes see at Bon Jovi gigs, but without the threat to public safety that naked flames can so often lead to.

After a stunning two sets, the audience left, bewildered and somehow changed following their experience, to try out their new incredible carpet and laminate floor cleaning equipment in the warm glow that only the Mad Parrots or Scots Porridge Oats can provide.

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