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Haven't sent out the fanzine newsletter for a while. Sorry, fans, you'll get your 50p back if you come up to either me or Linz at one of our famous ceilidhs, gigs, ( or when strolling in the public highway) and use the codeword 'Barmatu'.

Just to quell the rumour, I know some of you have been trying to get tickets for our Central Park, New York ceilidh in the spring. I confirm, WE ARE NOT PLAYING A CEILIDH IN CENTRAL PARK, NEW YORK IN JUNE. Lindsay has a dentist appointment.​

Demo CD is available, but to save me going to the shop for more cd's and spending time burning them off when I could be reading my washing machine manual, listen to some demos on our music page



The Mad Parrots Ceilidh Band News

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